PB Store Closed! We Still Deliver

PB Store Closed! We Still Deliver
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PB Store Closed! We Still Deliver

We are sad to announce the closing of our PB store. It’s a shame that the City of San Diego doesn’t want medical cannabis patients to access meds in Pacific Beach. We want to sincerely thank all the patients who made our day by coming into the store. It was an honor and pleasure to serve you and it will still be an honor to deliver to you! We will continue to deliver the finest meds in So Cal so please call to support our team of budtenders who have been rocked by the closing of the store.


Temecula / Murrieta: 951-795-9306

North of the 8: 858-524-4928

South of the 8: 619-794-4776

Here is what one of our valued patients had to say about the staff at So Cal Holistic Health:

Going above and beyond doesn’t even begin to explain what these people do on a daily basis! They are so devoted to their patients that they are LITERALLY willing to go to jail rather than shut their doors and leave their patients without a way to get their meds! I suffer from Chronic PTSD from multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Without cannabis, I am just a terrible and cranky person to be around,. Cannabis has quite possibly saved my marriage and helped me become a loving and caring father to my two children. To me, this is about quality of life, to others, it is a matter of life or death! The City of San Diego needs to quit the nonsense and leave these great people alone already! The argument is that they bring crime to the area, that it’s a gateway drug and that our children are going to get their hands on it. I don’t know any cannabis users who smoke a joint and decide to go and break the law. Opiates are handed out like skittles by doctors now a days, and that is far more worse of a gateway drug than anything else in the world. And they only accept verified patients that have obtained a legal doctor’s recommendation for the use of cannabis, so it’s impossible for a child to go into the shop and get their hands on cannabis. What they need to really worry about is the 6-7 bars within a 3 blocks radius of So Cal Holistic Health. My money says that’s where all the crime is coming from. Plus, how many people has cannabis ever killed in the history of man? 0! Alcohol, too many to count. Opiates, even more! Let’s stop the insanity and spend the tax payers money where it is really needed in this state, education! But what do I know, I’m just a dumb stoner! I said my piece! Keep up the hard work, I truly appreciate your efforts!

Thanks for everything and look out for So Cal Holistic in the future!



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